We offer the following:
Flight Booking: We assist clients in finding and booking flights that match their travel preferences, including departure times, airlines, layovers, and destinations.

Price Comparison: Seal Travel Ltd helps clients compare prices across different airlines and routes to find the best deals and options that fit within their budget.

Seat Selection: Seal Travel Ltd helps clients select specific seats on the aircraft, taking into account factors like legroom, proximity to restrooms, and preferences for window or aisle seats.

Itinerary Planning: As your Agent,we work with clients to create comprehensive travel itineraries that include multiple flights, layovers, and connections, ensuring a seamless journey.

Multi-City Travel: For travelers with complex itineraries involving multiple destinations, Seal Travel Ltd can help coordinate flights, connections, and layovers efficiently.

Flight Changes and Amendments: Seal Travel Ltd assists clients in making changes to their flight reservations, such as modifying travel dates, adjusting itineraries, or upgrading seats.

Flight Cancellations and Refunds: In the event of flight cancellations or changes,we help clients navigate refund policies, rebooking options, and compensation.

Travel Alerts and Notifications: We keep clients informed about flight delays, cancellations, gate changes, and other important updates.

Visa and Passport Requirements: Seal Travel Ltd ensures clients have the necessary travel documents, including valid passports and visas, before booking flights.

Travel Insurance: Travel agencies may offer or advise clients on purchasing travel insurance to protect against unexpected events that could impact their flights and travel plans.

Last-Minute Bookings: Seal Travel Ltd can help with urgent or last-minute flight bookings, taking into account availability and client preferences.

Round-the-World Tickets: For travelers planning extensive global journeys, we can help arrange round-the-world ticket itineraries that include multiple destinations.

Advice and Expertise: we offer expert advice on travel routes, airlines, layover durations, and other factors that can impact the travel experience.


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